Monday, 29 June 2009

Tracey Jane Bradley Journal Submission!!!

Received this journal submission today! 1st submission!!!! WAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

I've just got back today from a week in Scotland and have been doing lots of weird crazy things in my journal. I scanned a page from it so you can blog it. It might look a bit poop but hey, I guess thats how weird I am to draw things like this.

When travelling to Scotland I just came up with ideas like drawing unrelated objects and muddling them together, well I guess it tells a story but that's the art of it I guess, to assume what story is behind what people create.
I think some of my ideas are really strong and I'm gonna illustrate them tonight with my tablet! :)

I took some amazing photographs too, the scenery there is amazing. If you want to see some photos I took I'll send you some.

Anyway.. I've attached the image.

Speak soon.